What is DEAR-MP.UK

DEAR-MP.UK is a parody website that allows anyone with a UK postcode to quickly generate a unique complaint letter to their local MP on the topic of their choosing.

How does DEAR-MP.UK work

After submitting a valid UK postcode, complaint and modifier, DEAR-MP.UK first uses Members API to get your MPs name and email address. It then uses this information to create a prompt for OpenAI's ChatGPT-3.5 Model, which is responsible for generating each letter.

Prompt structure

A well written and persuasive complaint email letter body to a British MP:
Author: [Your Name],
MPs name: {MP name},
Complaint Subject Matter: ‘{complaint}’,
Modifier: {modifier}.

Why did you make DEAR-MP.UK

DEAR-MP.UK is an exploration into accessible generative media, and it's potential as a tool of propaganda creation for anyone. Be they PR firms, Governments, Corporate interests or individuals. The media created by these tools can be made quickly, efficiently, and sometimes with little to no human supervision. Every factor from the audience, to the content, to the tone of voice can be adjusted on the fly.

It is easy to imagine how this technology can be used by those who wish to steer public opinion as they see fit. Real, critical views and opinions are at risk of drowning in the sea of generated content. DEAR-MP.UK demonstrates this power by letting every citizen effortlessly overload the influential people of the UK with the opinions that matter to them.

This is a parody website powered by ChatGPT-3.5 and created by Fred Wordie.